extracts from our visitors book

”Just to let you know - we had a superb time staying at your cottage. We felt immediately relaxed on arriving and the 'finishing touches' in the way you've decorated, made it all seem somehow familiar. We appreciated the welcoming bottle of wine too!
For us, there was a great mix of weather; as well as that we enjoyed the Arran landscape in its different 'moods', not just the sunny ones.
Wish we could have stayed longer and we look forward to a return visit soon. All the best”.
Gary and Anne (Edinburgh)

“Complete solitude and silence is what we’ll miss the most”.
Paul and Barbara (Kelso)

“The cottage is cosy and warm during Autumn showers, bright and sunny on those lovely clear October days”.
David (Glasgow)

“The cottage is great :conservatory makes spotting hen harriers and buzzards easier, rayburn took me back to my childhood and the stove is pure luxury”.
Alan (Glasgow)

“The cottage is lovely and provides everything possible to feel absolutely comfortable…..fantastic place to relax and experience beauty of untouched nature”.
Viola and Soren (Dumfries)

“The cottage is extremely comfortable, well appointed and thought out. Rayburn cooks a mean dinner!”
Jenny (Yorkshire)

“Quietness is deafening”.
David (Carlisle)

“Well appointed and decorated”.
Christine (Bristol)

“Great cottage, great location, great week”.
Stephen (Sunderland)

“Superb location, did someone switch the sound off ?“
Neil (Tyne and Wear)

“Whin Cottage was a cosy retreat and we enjoyed the warmth of the Rayburn and log fires. Enjoyed being away from it all - we talked, laughed, played board games and table tennis and watched DVDs…NO SOAP OPERAS! Thanks for sharing your retreat with us.
Jane (Borders)”

Enjoyed the tranquil spot of cottage, especially eating in the dining room/conservatory on the sunny evenings. Plenty to do for a week even with a toddler!”
Lindsay (Edinburgh)

“We have felt very relaxed here, it is a home from home”.
Jenny ( Warrington)

“Cottage is warm and cosy, peace and quiet out of this world. Don’t want to go home, being here is like being in the twilight zone! Can’t wait to return. Up at 2am stargazing -fantastic.”
Steve (Derbyshire)

“For the third year running we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our October holiday at Whin Cottage. I must be getting old but there’s something lovely about coming to the same place repeatedly when you know it’s a good place to come”.
Pauline ( Glasgow)

“We’ve been impressed by the amazing variety of wildlife to be found on the island - we watched basking seals from 10 metres away with our two boys (3 and 5) this morning. This evening, when the boys were in their bath, I went upstairs to get their pyjamas, and when I came back down to the bathroom they were both intently watching something the youngest was cradling in his hand. When I got closer I realized that he had a small slug which was floating limply in his palm. When I asked them what they were doing, they looked at me as if I was completely stupid “But Daddy it’s a baby seal and we’re teaching it to swim !”
More lessons next year…
Debbie and Duncan (Corbridge)

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